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Here at Tatami we understand the opportunities that a sport like Jiu Jitsu can provide. Aimed at any age, gender or race, Jiu Jitsu is all inclusive. It’s these values that made us proud to hear about the recent exploits of one of our sponsors - Liberty Miles - on a volunteering trip to Kenya.

Liberty is a junior BJJ competitor from the UK with a string of medals at regional, national, continental and world level - including Gold at No-Gi worlds. These medals are part of an impressive record that Liberty holds of winning every single female competition she has entered, an achievement made even more impressive that Liberty juggles her training and competing alongside education and other activities.

One of those extra-curricular activities included her recent trip to Msambweni, Kenya with her college to help and support Etatu, a charity that works to provide educational opportunities and enhance the lives of those less fortunate. Prior to the trip, Liberty and her classmates gathered monetary donations and practical things for the local children to have such as stationary for schools and clothes.

Throughout the trip, the group organised a range of activities for the children to partake in, including arts and crafts sessions, football and other sports sessions. Liberty particularly noted the enthusiasm of the local kids in everything that they were involved in and their competitive desire to win and get better at everything they tried. 

Towards the end of the trip, Liberty wanted to pass on a bit of her passion to the locals. She visited the orphanage to hold a BJJ session with the children. After a quick warm up, Liberty demonstrated some basic takedown and back control moves, this particular lesson garnered a vast amount of attention with the locals again displaying enthusiasm for their new found skills.

At Tatami we wanted to help Liberty’s trip, so we provided her with a sets of Tatami gear for the kids to have and continue exploring BJJ with. Check out some of the pictures below of Liberty’s trip:





You can follow Liberty on her Instagram account @liberty.bee


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