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It’s been a busy month so far at Tatami Fightwear as we enter the summer months that host some of the most prestigious events in the Jiu Jitsu calendar.

Athletes across the world have been showcasing their skills and hard work and the quality that we have seen on show proves that Jiu Jitsu is becoming a bigger and more diverse sport with each passing year. 

This month we have visited the IBJJF Masters International in Open and two more regional tournaments in the form of the Irish Open in Dublin and the BJJ British Open in Coventry with one eye on the IBJJF Worlds in Long Beach in a few weeks time.

It is always a pleasure to meet people at events who dedicate their life to the sport and to see the passion and determination on show. We set up at these events in order to meet fans and competitors across the entire spectrum of age, size, skill and experience.



In Barcelona we saw some high octane action at the IBJJF Masters International. Across a long day, the support from the crowd never let up and the athletes reciprocated by competing hard. Masters divisions in Jiu Jitsu are the perfect encapsulation of the spirit and traditions of the sport and the passion spread throughout the day.


Congratulations to Charlie McDonald, Rita Tana and anybody else who took home a medal at the Masters International in Barcelona!


The following week we made our way to both the Irish Open in Dublin and the BJJ British Open in Coventry. Despite being two regional competitions, the quality at both of these events did not wane.



Combat sports of all kinds are currently enjoying somewhat of explosion of popularity in Ireland and we certainly felt the buzz in the arena in Dublin. Plenty of competitors came and left their stamp on the competition and we certainly get the feeling that the Irish Open will grow and grow and become a staple of the Irish sporting calendar.


Over in Coventry, the BJJ British Open continues to serve as a platform for local competitors to come and compete for a prestigious prize and test themselves against the best. As BJJ grows worldwide, it gets bigger and bigger on a regional level and increases the quality that we see across the board.



After so many positive experiences in the last few weeks, we’re excited to see how these events continue to develop and get bigger, with the ultimate goal to be some of the most competitive and inclusive competitions on the calendar.


Our attention now turns to the IBJJF Worlds in Long Beach in a few weeks time. The hard work of some of the most talented athletes on the planet will come to fruition and we’ll be there every step of the way to check it out.


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