Yoga as a lockdown training alternative

If you've lost access to your gym or training classes during the Coronavirus pandemic you might be missing your fix of Jiu Jitsu training. On top of that, you might be daunted at the prospect of returning to training and being out of strength and rhythm that helps your progress on the mat.

This is where Yoga comes in. Yoga is a great regime that can be done from home with little space required, and best of all, some practises can also help out your Jiu Jitsu game.

Cal is a yoga and meditation teacher, head honcho at Hapus Yogi and has been working in the game for six years. We spoke to Cal to ask “how can yoga help us train from home during lockdown?” Here is what he had to say:

We all know how hard it can be when someone comes from nowhere and all of a sudden you’re on your back in the business end of a full or side mount. Bridging someone off at the end of a heavy sparing session can feel near impossible. So here are some yoga positions to help with building the strength to do this:

Camel Pose Yoga

Bridge Pose Yoga

Bowl Pose Yoga

Each of these positions are fantastic for building strength in the lower back. They do this whilst creating a deep stretch through the front of the body, especially in the hip flexors allowing us to have more mobility, creating a higher bridge. Regular practice of these positions holding for around 8-10 breaths each will get the body in optimum shape for a strong and swift bridging. 

What position can be more important than your guard game? Be it open, closed or half guard, how you fight here could be make or break. The key to a good guard position is an open hip. The following positions are fantastic hip openers that will help with which ever guard you need to use:

Flying Pigeon Pose Yoga

Happy Baby Pose Yoga

Seated Pigeon Pose Yoga

Standing Pigeon Pose Yoga

Cow Face Pose Yoga

Each of these positions create a tension releasing compression in the hip and should be done on both legs to keep both sides of the body equal. Working through these, aiming to hold the positions for 6-10 breaths per side will quickly free up the tension in your hips for a smoother, stronger and wider guard game.

You can take these poses and put them all together to create a great home workout helping improve your guard game and escape from mount. Don’t let the lockdown put a stop on your training, keep moving and eventually we will tap out Covid 19! For more yoga content, give us a follow on Instagram at @hapusyogi. Namasté!

May 13, 2020 — Bold Commerce Collaborator



Gus said:

I’d like to congratulate the TATAMI team and staff for the great articles on Yoga and Mental Health at home. Having taken yoga many years ago to help with PTSD, and really appreciate how yoga can help improve the health of both our mind and body. Thank you and stay safe.

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