Tatami Fightwear upholds and stands by a policy regarding equality, diversity and inclusion. We embrace and are proud to support all cultures and all genders. We are proud to serve and support men, women & children of all ages, and we encourage a sense of community in all we do. We safeguard our community and are determined to play our part in keeping our sport safe and enjoyable for all. We expect this from each other as this all plays an important part of what Tatami stands for as a brand.


Our mission includes:

  • We work hard to create a positive, supportive and safe environment for everyone within our Tatami family and community.
  • Provide equal opportunities for everyone within our family and community, regardless of their background or characteristics.
  • Promote the diversity of our community and make it fair and safe for all.
  • Respond to changing demographics to ensure we uphold our policies towards equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Everyone involved at Tatami must comply with these policies because they are so important to us. If anyone involved fails to uphold our standards then we deal with this accordingly, no matter who they are.

We stand proudly together to protect each other and to safeguard everyone within our Tatami family.

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August 25, 2021 — Rachel Griffiths

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